Covent Garden, London

CAT A - Landlord

Building Surveyor
Hother Associates

Longmartin Properties

Under £3M

Various phases

SCH Architects


AOC delivered the Cat A fit out on 4 levels at 17 Slingsby Place for developers, Longmartin Properties. (JV between Shaftesbury & Crown Estates) Working in an occupied building presents certain challenges and this project at 17 Slingsby Place was no exception.

Minimising disruption to existing tenants, neighbouring properties and local business was a main priority. AOC made every effort to ensure its team and sub-contractors were sensitive to the requirements of working in occupation.  As a result of noisy working restriction, the AOC team sequenced disruptive works at specific timeslots during the day and on weekends to deliver a successful project. Logistics were another key element on the project and the AOC team had to carefully manage logistical elements in coordination with the programme.

Deliveries were only allowed before 10am and with these limitations in place, a strict delivery system was put in place. The AOC team worked meticulously to deliver the kind of quality expected by Shaftesbury and Crown Estate and since our original appointment on this project, AOC has been awarded 4 further contracts within the building by the client.

"Smith Caradoc Hodgkins have been working with AOC on numerous central London projects for many years. Their direct, honest approach has led to many clients wishing to negotiate with AOC on their repeat work, rather than going out to tender. There is little higher praise, for a contractor."

Dean Smith - Director