Specialist Gym


Under £1m

12 weeks



AOC were commissioned to undertake a design and build project to develop a prototype Hot Yoga and health facility in the heart of Cambridge which ultimately will specialise as a training centre and analytical research centre for a proposed UK chain of studios whilst still maintaining active Hot Yoga and TRX Training facilities.

The general work involved the conversion of a CAT A office facility on the 3rd floor to provide specialist studios offering Hot Yoga, TRX Training, cycling and therapy as well as a communal reception/dining area. The Hot Yoga studio required temperatures of up to 40 degrees and high humidity and so stability of products in this environment became a key element of the design.

Another key element of the work involved the development and design of a bespoke mechanical system to create the right environment for the studios with an electronic control system as well as specialist LED feature lighting and consideration of effective shower facilities with high periodic demand.

Ethos focus on natural products and so the scheme involved many bespoke joinery and metallic features as well as technical considerations such as insulation, ventilation and control of condensation.

Space planning to accommodate high frequency and populated training classes was an important element of the design to balance commercial targets of the Client.

The project involved good planning to construct in phases around expanding classes all within an occupied multi-tenanted building.