Covent Garden, London

WC remodelling

Building Surveyor
Tuffin Ferraby Taylor

United Grand Lodge of England

Under £500k

12 weeks

Tuffin Ferraby Taylor


This fast track high quality refurbishment of the existing toilet facilities within the 1st Floor of the Freemasons headquarters formed part of the preparations for London Fashion Week.

The work required extensive planning to ensure that the programme was met and yet also work around the everyday requirements of the hall with many scheduled events.

Following a shell and core strip-out the new toilets were constructed requiring various structural alterations and careful consideration and co-ordination of services.

All finishes were to a very high standard with quality stonework within all areas particularly the vestibule area where the floor was a highly polished feature with bespoke joinery and specialist lighting.

All toilets were fitted with bespoke features and quality sanitary ware and despite the need for attention to detail this project was delivered on time and on budget.